Commonly found in Miami, the yellowtail snapper is an abundant species incredibly sought after by recreational anglers and commercial fishers. Divers and snorkelers can spot this beautiful fish in the reefs and wrecks of South Florida, where schools of the yellowtail snapper roam. The yellowtail snapper feeds on smaller fish, shrimp, worms, and crabs. For this reason, light tackle is the way to go. You can identify the yellowtail by the yellow stripe running the length of the fish. As the fish matures, the yellow stripe fades in color.

A great fish to catch

The biggest yellowtails are usually called flags due to their forked tails, and smaller ones are called tails. However you want to call them, the yellowtail is super fun to catch and delicious to eat. They come in different sizes ranging from less than a pound to eight pounds on deeper reefs. As they mature, the yellowtail becomes more challenging to catch since they become more careful and cautious than younger fish.

Best bait and tackle

Chum is crucial to catch the yellowtail in Miami. Small bits of cut fish, shrimp, and squid can help you catch the fish. The chum will agitate the snapper and keep them near the boat for a long time, allowing you to target them with light tackle. These fish are wary of thicker lines and bigger hooks, which is why a more lightweight tackle works best. Usually, the yellowtail ranges from 8 to 14 inches, though bigger fish aren’t rare.

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