Winter is Coming (to an end, finally)!



Winter is coming to an end here in Florida. We are ready to spring into summer and so are the fish. As the waters around Miami start to warm up so does the fishing and it again becomes the perfect time to start having fishing trips in Miami.

With water temps warming up the fish look to get one more feeding frenzy on before the water gets hot enough that it drives the bait back offshore. March and April are generally great months to fish for just about anything that swims in our local waters.

Sports Fishing for the Adventurers!

It’s an ideal time to enjoy different styles of fishing, if you’re feeling adventurous you can try some sports fishing with the wahoo fish, you can also try sailfish fishing if you’d like to push it a little further (in terms of the excitement and adrenaline), another couple of very popular sports fishing options are cobia and  snapper fish, although this generally tends to require deep-dropping in strong currents. For the sports fishermen who are really up for it (really pushing adventure to the limit) we have also been catching some nice size sharks in the same areas. Everyone wants to catch that big trophy fish in their fishing career and for most, sharks will fill that spot. They are big, pull like a frieght train, and got a mouth full of scary teeth, what more can you ask for?

Fun Miami Inshore Fishing Experience

On the other hand if you’re instead looking for a totally relaxing experience, you can always choose the option of inshore fishing in Miami. These type of trips are perfectly suited for anyone ranging from a child or first-timer to an experienced angler looking to have a fun relaxing time, you will generally be able to fish snook and trout among other species.

Also, starting from march is when the tarpon start moving in large numbers and can be found in all the usual spots during the day and especially at night. As we move more into summer this will be one of the main focuses when it’s time to go fishing. Lately, the snapper and barracuda bite has been the hottest thing. We have been catching mangrove and mutton snapper from 5 to 10lbs, and on light tackle these fish put up a heck of a fight. Mixed in with snapper have been plenty of jacks and some nice grouper as well. If you are looking to take some fish home for dinner it doesn’t get any better then some fresh snapper.

We’ve covered most of what to expect within the next few months so do not miss out on all the fun and book your trip today!


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