Winter fishing in Miami

One of the best parts about living in Miami besides the fishing is the weather. This time of the year is why most people want to be in Florida and why I have not left. With frigid temperatures to the north we are sitting pretty here in Miami with our shorts and sandals on almost every day of the year. Along with the great weather we have here in Miami during the winter the fishing this time of the year is just as good. This time of the year is when we get our bait schools migrating through and with them comes the fish. During this time of the year we have very big schools of Mullet and Pilchards moving through and just about everything that swims is trying to eat them. From Tarpon, to sharks, to snappers, everything is trying to get an easy meal when the bait schools are moving through and this year has been no different.

So far everything has been as it should be and the fishing has been great. A typical day starts with catching bait in the morning and then finding some hungry fish to feed them to. Lately that has not been a problem. The bait has been everywhere and the fish are just waiting for us to offer them an easy meal. Lately the Mutton Snapper bite has been the best with fish being caught in the 5 to 10 pound range. We have also been catching some nice Mangrove Snapper in the 2 to 5 pound range. 2 to 5 pounds might sound like a small fish but the local record for Mangrove snapper is 8 pounds, and on light tackle these guys put up a heck of a fight. We have also been catching some nice Yellow jacks and Barracudas as well. The biggest problem we have had lately is the Sharks, they are everywhere and eating everything. Some days they are eating everything we hook before we can get it the boat. They have been primarily Bull sharks and Black tip spinner sharks in the 4 to 10 foot range. For the customers that are feeling up to the challenge of playing tug of war the sharks are willing and waiting for you. Well like I said before, the weather and fishing in Miami is great right now so do not miss out on all of the fun and BOOK YOUR TRIP TODAY!!!!

Capt. Alex Geneteau