Why sit and wait for a group fishing charter when you can enjoy the experience of a private fishing charter exclusively for you and your friends or family? At Miami Inshore Fishing Charters, you can make all of this possible, and even more. Our main goal is to provide an excellent, and

Fishing is an activity that connects you with nature, with the people you do it with and it’s a useful and lifelong skill.
A comfortable and convenient way to do this is through fishing charters, which means renting a fishing vessel to a ship owner, this way you wouldn’t have to worry about owning equipment, you can have an expert guide you and you can take home your catch, giving you a sense of self-fulfillment for being able to catch your food.

You can also book your trip the same day if you wish! We have a variety of qualities you may not find anywhere else such as:

Inshore fishing

We take you to calm waters to avoid any sort of seasickness so you can focus on catching fish.

We will tailor the trip to your demands

We will provide the best fishing experience possible with our specialized captains who are ready to make your fishing trip unforgettable.

Take home what you catch

You can take home anything you catch; our team will have it ready and scaleless by the time you decide to go home.

It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

Unique Fishing Charter Experience

Miami Inshore Fishing charters is a great way to experience fishing, their charters are for 4 to 6 people, making the experience more intimate.
Inshore fishing means any fishing that takes place in water up to thirty meters deep, this means calm waters that allow you to catch more fish, target a specific species and get less seasick.
You could tailor your trip however you want: maybe taking half a day for fishing, or you could fish all day, have some drinks out in the sea with your friends or family, you can even schedule different trips on the same day.

Book a charter

Contact us if you are interested in our services, we guarantee you will leave satisfied and with a memorable experience to look back on.

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