Go Tarpon Fishing in Miami, Florida!

Tarpon fishing in Miami is an exciting adventure! The sunny and warm surroundings of Biscayne Bay make for an excellent opportunity for novice and expert anglers to catch this mighty game. Step into one of our fishing charters and bring your friends and family for one of our fishing trips. We have rates starting at $650 for groups and 1/4 day trips. We’ll take you inshore fishing in our boat piloted by Captain Alex, who has decades of hospitality industry experience and has chartered boats around Miami since 2008.

Book a chartered Tarpon fishing trip ahead to guarantee a spot. Miami Inshore Fishing Charters accepts small and large groups; you can bring your children, too! We’ll provide everything you need to make your fishing adventure unforgettable.

Our Miami Tarpon Fishing Charter Rates

TOur Tarpon fishing trips in Miami are for both experienced anglers and novices. You can book a charter by calling (305) 282-3086 or booking directly through our website. We’ve listed our rates below for easy access:

  • 4-Hour Trip: $650
  • 6-Hour Trip: $780
  • 8-Hour Trip: $950

Embark on a Miami fishing adventure today!


About Tarpon Fishing

Tarpon can be caught year-round in Miami! They tend to bite more during the spring and winter, especially during April and May.


  • They are exciting catches because Tarpon are known for their size and strength. They can reach 4 to 8 feet and weigh over 100 pounds.
  • Tarpon can be caught using live bait, such as mullet, crabs, or pinfish, and artificial lures, like plugs, jigs, and soft plastics.
  • Tarpon fishing often involves sight fishing, where anglers spot the fish swimming near the surface and cast their bait or lure ahead.
  • Tarpon are catch-and-release species in Miami because they’re vulnerable species often overfished.
  • They can live up to 50 years!

Where We Take You: Biscayne Bay Tarpon Fishing

Biscayne Bay is known to be a habitat for tarpon and can be found in nearshore waters, channels, flats, and around structures such as bridges and docks. Our Miami, Florida, Tarpon fishing charters will take you straight to Biscayne Bay to enjoy your time in the water.

We provide all necessary equipment, including all proper fishing licenses and gear. You can bring your own beverages, food, and sunscreen, but you don’t have to worry about the rest!


Night Tarpon Fishing

We recommend fishing for this catch during the night. Our night fishing charters are ideal for any angler looking for the best opportunity to catch and release this large game. They are nocturnal feeders, making them more receptive to bait or lure presentations. Experience tarpon fishing in Miami during the night with our private trips!


Day Tarpon Fishing

Though Tarpon are known to be more active at night, you can also use daylight to secure a catch. They will be easier to locate with better visibility, mainly because they often frequent structures like bridges, docks, and mangroves during the day. Take a day fishing charter with Miami Inshore Fishing today!

Tarpon Fishing Regulations in Florida


According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Tarpon Fishing regulations include:


  1. Big Tarpons over 40 inches can only be fished if pursuing a world record using a tarpon tag.
  2. Catch-and-release only
  3. Hook and line only
  4. Only barbless, single, non-offset circle hooks for natural bait are permitted.
  5. Only single hooks are permitted
  6. Minimize exhaustion by using a heavy tackle
  7. Use a dehooking tool and support the catch horizontally when removed from the water.

Why Choose Us?

15+ Year Fishing in Miami

We have taken visitors and locals all over Miami for fishing excursions. Our experience and customer satisfaction speak for themselves!


Captained Boats

Our 24-foot Islamorada Boat Works bay boat is operated by Captain Alex Geneteau, who founded Miami Inshore Fishing in 2008.


Fully Licensed

We are fully licensed to fish in Biscayne Bay, know the best fishing spots for Tarpon, and provide all the gear for seamless sailing.


Book a Tarpon Fishing Trip in Miami With Captain Alex!

Get in touch with us and book a trip ahead of time. Our group rates surpass the competition. Call (305) 282-3086 and schedule a Tarpon fishing trip with Miami Inshore Fishing Charters. Make sure to call ahead of time to guarantee your spot.

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