Tarpons are a unique species to catch in a fishing trip. This energetic fish varies in sizes from 20 pounds to 120 pounds (or more) and it tends to twist and jump whenever they’re caught. Tarpons are fishes that can put up a good fight so fishing for tarpons promises to be an exciting experience that will definitely leave you with great memories and a story to share.

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When Fishing for Tarpon.

Tarpon are indeed a beautiful fish species. To make sure you fully enjoy your fishing experience with no inconvenience, here are some considerations Miami Inshore Fishing Charters has for you about Tarpons.

The first thing to mention is that you can’t take home a tarpon fish. Tarpons exclusively are catch and release species on the state of Florida, so once you catch a tarpon, you have to release it back into the water. Fishing for tarpon is done for sport and the gear is also limited to a hook and line only.

Catching a tarpon however, isn’t the only activity you can do. You can also enjoy a relaxing trip surrounded by tarpons. Because they are a scavenger species, it’s really nice to feed them and they’ll for sure pay for it by gracing you with their company from up close.


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