Target tarpon fish this summer in Miami



Spring is coming to an end and summer is finally just around the corner. Just like the temperature, the fishing has been hot. We have been catching plenty of different kinds of fish depending on what the clients want to do. Most of our attention right now is on the migration of tarpon fish that flood into Biscayne Bay and the Miami area over the next couple months. There are plenty of tarpon fish and other species inshore. So, almost every time we have been out in the water, we have caught plenty of fish.

The tarpon is a ray-finned fish, which means it’s a bony fish. Its diet consists of mostly crustaceans and smaller fish. For this reason, this fish is a very popular catch and release. If you have never fished for or caught a tarpon fish, then it is something you definitely need to try. For most people, a tarpon and a shark are going to be the biggest fish they will have a chance of catching while fishing inshore. We fish for tarpon during the day and at night. Lately, the night fishing trips have been the best.

Target other fish!

If tarpon fishing is not what people are looking to do, then we have been having plenty of success fishing the numerous finger channels that run throughout Biscayne Bay. We have mainly been catching snappers, porgies, barracuda, jacks, and some big sharks. If rod bending action is what you are looking for and are not too particular about what you catch, or if you are looking to catch some fish you can take home and eat, then this is a good trip for you. If catching a big tarpon fish is on your bucket list, then do not miss out on the action and book your trip while they are here. Otherwise, you will have to wait until next year.


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