Miami is a fun and exciting city that has a lot to offer, including a wide variety of fish in its blue waters. For this reason, Miami is a popular destination for expert and beginner anglers. One of the fish you’ll certainly find in South Florida’s waters is the spotted sea trout, which is incredibly sought after by commercial and recreational fishers.

Sea trout is an excellent source of food which is why it’s so popular to catch. This fish is an ambush feeder that hides in seagrass beds and lies perfectly still to catch its prey. Even though they’re caught in shallow, grassy flats you’ll also find trout in inshore waters, where they shelter from the cold. Their main targets are smaller fish and shrimp. Adults reach 19-32 inches in length and 3-15 pounds in weight.

How to catch it

You can use artificial and natural baits on a light spin tackle to catch trout. The best bait to use is live shrimp, although larger trout prefer smaller bait like menhaden. During colder months you’re more likely to find larger trout while on summer days, you’ll probably find much smaller sea trouts

Naturally, smaller trout are easier to catch. However, if you’re going for a big trout, then you’re in for a real challenge. Sea trout have a keen sense of sight and sound which make them quite the challenging inshore game fish. They wait to see what you do and even the slightest movement towards them will send them running away.

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