This fish is native to subtropical waters, you can find them in reefs and mangroves swamps which is why they’re super common here in Miami. Snook fish are known for being a game fish quite popular among fly fishing enthusiasts and sportfishing charters. Most people can agree that the snook is one of the smartest fish you’ll find. They’re usually hanging out in spots where they can hide and pounce on unsuspecting prey.

They feed on smaller fish and crustaceans. For this reason, it’s best you use live or fresh bait when you’re trying to catch one. Snook are ambush feeders, this means that they wait for bait to pass by before eating. If you’re interested in catching one, you should do it on the warmer days. As a result, snook is a common catch in the summertime.

Catch the most popular game fish!

Snook fish are fighters and rather tough. When hooked, you see them leaping out of the water and head for a structure to hide to cut off your line. They’re cautious and fast. Because of these characteristics, they’re highly sought after, they’re challenging and action-packed. We recommend this experience for your entire family as well, the fishing trip will be rewarding.

You can find them in Flamingo Everglades National Park, Biscayne Bay, and Ten Thousand Islands. These incredible locations have such a wide variety of fish that they’re a must in your Miami fishing experiences. Furthermore, they’re delicious making them an even more exciting catch.


Catch the Snook with Miami Inshore Fishing Charters

If you want to catch this exciting game fish, don’t hesitate to call us and book a charter for you and your loved ones. We even provide you with all the tools and equipment necessary to take a snook home. Fishing licenses, park permits, rods and reels, live bait, and tackle are among the things we provide.

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