Snappers are a ray-finned fish that includes 113 different species. They inhabit tropical waters, so it’s common to see them in the shores of Miami. They can grow up to 3 ft. in length, they mostly feed on crustaceans, smaller fish, and even plankton. Some snappers are important game fish such as the red snapper.

Snappers have a wide variety of colors and markings. They all come in different sizes, weight, and colors. They have very sharp teeth so watch your fingers when you catch one. These fish can be difficult to catch, making the experience quite exciting. The experience brings a lot of action and makes the catch much more rewarding.

Red Snapper

The northern Red Snapper is a species of snappers you find quite frequently in Florida. These fish are natives to the Gulf of Mexico but you can catch them inshore or offshore in Miami waters. Snappers are bottom-feeding fish. This means you can find them in reefs, artificial reefs, shipwrecks, pipelines, and rocky bottoms. They’re quite sociable so you can find them swimming in schools. Red Snapper is also quite delicious and a big source of vitamin B12 and protein.

What can you use as bait?

You can use live sardines, herring, shrimp, ballyhoo, and bonito to catch medium-sized snappers. If you want to catch bigger snappers, you’d have to use larger live bait. There is a variety of bait you can use to catch snappers but we suggest you use a variety of fresh and live bait to have better chances.

What can you use as bait?

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