Sailfish Charters in Miami

The Atlantic sailfish is quite prevalent in South Florida, especially Miami. The main reason sailfishing is quite popular for amateur and experienced anglers is how agile these fish are, making them exciting and challenging. Do you love spending time outdoors? Go fishing with a group of friends for a memorable experience. If you’re planning your next fishing trip, consider Miami Inshore Fishing Charter with Captain Alex Genetau.

Get the chance to catch sailfish with Miami Inshore Fishing Charters. The best time to look for sailfish is late November through April as seasonal cold fronts push sailfish to migrate south during winter. When you plan a fishing trip with us, you can rest assured you’ll get to experience a top-notch fishing adventure using the best equipment, boat, tackle, and bait. Additionally, we provide everything you need from fishing licenses to fishing gear.

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We’re passionate and knowledgeable about fishing on the shores of South Florida, which happens to be one of the top destinations for sailfishing in the world. You won’t have to spend all day waiting for sailfish to appear. These fish range in sizes but can grow over 10 feet long. It’s hard to compare the thrill of sailfishing in Miami and to see them leap from the water into the air.

You can choose to spend a full day (8 hours) out in the water or just half a day. We have plenty of options available for all kinds of experiences besides fishing, like sightseeing, ecotours, snorkeling, and bird watching. Our fishing trips are great no matter your level of fishing expertise; we provide all the gear and fishing licenses you’ll need so you can focus on enjoying the journey. Do you want to take home what you catch? We’ll have it ready and scaleless for you!


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Plan your next fishing trip with Miami Inshore Fishing Charters, catch plenty of fish in South Florida’s clear waters with friends, family or coworkers.

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