The Perfect Species to Target on an Inshore Fishing Charter!

This fish species abound on the US east coast and Miami is a great location to catch them. We’re talking about redfish!

Redfish can have many names such as red drum, spot tail, red bass, and channel bass. Their characteristic dark and red colors on the back give them their name and their black eyespot in the upper part of the tail base is their most distinctive trait.

If you prefer inshore fishing trips, redfish is a nice species to target for an inshore fishing charter. Either as game fish or for catch and cook, redfish promises to offer an amazing inshore fishing experience.

Discover Redfish in Florida’s Waters!

Redfish habit the Atlantic Ocean and they can be found on the US east coast from Massachusetts to northern Mexico, including South Florida.

The most common places where they can be found are turtle grass flats, mangroves or over white sand. Grass beds, fluctuating depths, recessed pools, and manmade structures are great places to look for redfish. Our selected fishing spots are excellent for redfish catch as they count with all of these characteristics.

Redfish can’t jump but they will typically offer a visual display. They can either show their wakes, tails and backs or you’ll spot their splash on the water. Because they prefer shallow waters, inshore fishing in Florida’s pristine waters is ideal to spot and catch redfish. Staying on 3 feet deep waters or less will maximize your redfish catching.

Redfish are opportunistic feeders that will follow the tides to find their food. During high tides, the redfish will be pushing into those waters to feed on baitfish or digging in the sand for fiddler and blue crabs or snails. At low tide, they’ll ride the tide back to feed on shrimps and crabs


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With all of these tips and the help of our vast experience, Captain Alex at Miami Inshore Fishing Charters, will ensure an excellent fishing trip tailored to your needs.

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