Pro Tips for Fishing With Kids



Are you thinking of taking your children fishing for the first time? We’re not surprised! It’s hard to beat fishing as a way to get your kids outdoors and connected with nature. However, we all become nervous when we do anything for the first time—this is why Miami Inshore Fishing Charters has compiled the definitive guide to fishing with kids. 

With some planning and patience, you’ll soon have your children catching their first fish. We’ve put up a few tips and tricks to make it even easier for you to create lasting moments on the water. We’re sure you have plenty of questions related to your first family fishing trip but fear not—the next time you take the kids fishing, you’ll be ready. 

Start Inshore

A wonderful time on the sea involves a lot of fishing and no seasickness for beginner anglers, and that’s what you want. Even if you’ve always wanted to catch a world record fish with your kid, it may be too challenging to teach them how to do so right off the bat. 

Not becoming seasick is a key advantage of catching fish close to shore. South Florida is blessed with a pleasant wind almost every day, but there is no shelter from the wind when fishing offshore. Moreover, many Miami fish, including mackerel, redfish, and other game fish, live in coastal waters. 

To Be Successful, Plan Ahead

If you’re preparing for a fishing trip, be sure to check the forecast. The best time to go fishing is when the weather is nice. You’re ideally looking for calm weather with little wind, no rain, and minimal UV levels. It’s also a good idea to check the local tidal schedules at this time. When the tides change, fish tend to be more active, so try fishing around this time. 

Miami Inshore Fishing Charters will have everything you need to get started if you want to go fishing. For those who bring their own kit, though, keep the packing simple. When you’re ready to go fishing, gather your gear: fishing rods, bait, a landing net, and a tackle box filled with hooks, sinkers, and line. Get the fishing rods ready before heading out. 

Bring Snacks, Sunscreen, and A First Aid Kit

Pack enough food and beverages to guarantee that your children do not get hungry throughout the trip. Avoid becoming sunburned even on cloudy days by taking precautions like sunscreen and a hat. Be prepared with bandages, gauze pads, liquid and gel disinfectants, and pain medications in case of an accident or mishap! Keep in mind that lifejackets are not negotiable. 

Establish Rules

Children want to have a lot of fun, but they may be impulsive, so running around on a slick boat deck should be avoided at all costs. Teaching children fishing skills and etiquette involves establishing rules in advance and ensuring that they are adhered to during the trip. This is particularly necessary while fishing with little kids to keep them away from potentially dangerous situations. Make sure your children understand the importance of not stepping behind people while they’re casting. 

Have Fun

Your mood will influence your children; therefore, it’s essential to maintain a happy one. Expectations should be kept in check since fishing trips do not always go as planned. You will be more likely to stick with a plan that works for both you and your children if you set realistic goals.

Plan Your Next Family Fishing Trip

If you’re looking for a unique, memorable, and pleasurable fishing trip with your kids, go no further than our charters. Miami Inshore Fishing Charters can assist you in catching a wide variety of fish, no matter your age or skill level. 


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