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For one-of-a-kind peacock bass fishing in Miami, our chartered trips are the top choice in our sunny city. To Miami Inshore Fishing Charters, it doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced angler with plenty of encounters with this fish species or a novice trying to learn the ropes; we cater to everyone. Our peacock bass fishing trips are ideal for families, friend groups, tourists, and even locals looking to have fun in our waters.

Our four-hour trips for groups of all sizes start at $650. We provide all types of peacock bass fishing experiences, night charters, day trips, and the equipment needed for an unforgettable activity in Miami, Florida. Schedule a trip with us! Make sure to call in advance, especially during high seasons.


Our Fishing Trips

Miami Inshore Fishing Charters ensures you don’t have to worry about a thing. For all of our fishing trips, including anglers looking to catch Peacock Bass, we provide all the equipment and tools needed for a complete experience. Our fishing trips are done in a 24ft Islamorada Boat Works bay boat and are operated by our Captain Alex Geneteau. He’s an experienced angler with over 15 years of experience chartering boats and fishing in Miami.

Be prepared for a day in the sun. Bring some sunscreen, companions, and a positive attitude! We’ll make the experience worthwhile.

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How To Schedule

  1. Call Ahead
    Dial (305) 282-3086 and speak to our captain to secure your spot. 
  2. Schedule a Trip
    We’ll pencil you in on your desired day if we have availability. 
  3. Show Up & Enjoy
    Visit our office at 4000 Crandon Blvd. Key Biscayne and set sail with us! 

All About Peacock Bass Fishing in Miami

Did you know that Peacock Bass were introduced to Florida in 1984? They’re native to the Amazon and were introduced to control the spread of other invasive fish species. Miami regulations encourage a catch-and-release technique when fishing for Peacock Bass, especially if they are over 14 inches. Peacock Bass fishing in Miami is very sought after because of its exotic pattern and aggressive nature. They resemble peacocks because of their vibrant colors, which is why they get their name.

This fish species is more common in freshwater bodies but can be found in saltwater areas likeBiscayne Bay around mangrove edges, seawalls, and bridge pilings. Peacock Bass can be caught year-round in Miami, but the best time to fish for them is during the warmer months, like late spring to early fall.

Fish for Peacock Bass with Miami Inshore Fishing Charters for an unforgettable experience!

Florida Peacock Bass Regulations

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission regulates all Peacock Bass fishing in Miami and the entire state of Florida. With well-established bag limits, Miami Inshore Fishing Charters sticks to these regulations. Boat charters must abide by the following rules:

  • 2 peacock bass per angler per day in South Florida, including Miami-Dade and Broward County
  • No bigger than 17 inches
  • Catch-and-release is encouraged

Why Choose Miami Inshore Fishing Charters?

Our Captain, Alex Geneteau, is not only an experienced boat captain and angler and a hospitality professional. If you want the best experience fishing for peacock bass, Miami Inshore Fishing Charters is the Miami charter for you. Captain Alex has been navigating Miami waters for over 15 years. We make your time in our boats worth it. Fishing trips are meant to be entertaining, and here at Miami Inshore, we make sure you’re happy after every trip.

We are fully licensed to fish in Biscayne Bay, know the best fishing spots for Peacock Bass, and provide all the gear for seamless sailing. Our customer satisfaction says it all!


Before You Go, Here Are Our Peacock Bass Fishing Tips!

Miami Inshore Fishing Charters want to set you up for success! Here are some fishing tips worth reading before journeying with us:

  • Peacock bass are fighters! Bring your best fishing game. They are aggressive and will pull the line. Be prepared to battle.
  • Using flashy colored lures is your best bet! Colors like orange, red, and green trigger more strikes because they strike their attention.
  • Be stealthy! Peacock bass are sensitive to sounds and sudden motions, so a quiet approach is best. Slow, subtle retrieving works better than fast pulling.
  • Be patient if they’re not actively feeding. Keep trying different lures, baits for bass fishing, and fishing techniques until they bite.
  • Topwater lures are a great option during low-light conditions, so if you plan a night fishing trip, use them.
  • Live shiners, live or dead shad, or artificial soft baits are some of the best bait options for catching Peacock Bass.
  • Use a medium to medium-heavy casting when choosing a fishing rod. They handle hard strikes and quick speeds better than lighter rods.

Go Peacock Bass Fishing in Miami With Us!

Get in touch with us and book a trip ahead of time. Our group rates surpass the competition. Call (305) 282-3086 and schedule a peacock bass fishing trip with Miami Inshore Fishing Charters. Make sure to call ahead of time to guarantee your spot.

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