The peacock bass (Chichla) is a predatory freshwater fish that attracts many anglers across the United States. While they’re originally from the Amazon and Guianas, it was introduced by Florida officials in 1984. Florida is the only state you can find it, so take advantage of your next trip to target this exciting and challenging fish.

This colorful fish is known for being tough and difficult to catch. It was introduced to Florida waters to prey on undesirable exotic fish like the Oscar or the spotted Tilapia. Furthermore, the introduction of this fish attracted fishing enthusiasts across the country as the peacock bass is a world-renowned game fish.

Catch a Peacock Bass!

This is one of Florida’s toughest game fish, posing fun and thrilling challenge. The peacock bass is known for being an aggressive predatory fish. In order to catch this fish, you’re going to need a variety of bait. Good quality lures and live bait will definitely attract a peacock bass. With Miami Inshore Fishing Charters, you can rest assured you’ll have the best gear and equipment to catch fish.

For conservation purposes, this fish is a catch and release type

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