Miami Fishing During Winter



Winter is a fantastic time to venture into a fishing trip. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a beginner, this unconventional time has its own set of fun advantages that will make the adventure worth it. Miami winter fishing brings a different experience altogether; the sunny state of Florida doesn’t experience winter like the rest of the United States. Temperatures usually don’t drop below the 60s. Despite occasional cold fronts and heavy winds, sunny skies are expected and perfect to embark on a fishing charter.

Though dropping temperatures make fish lethargic and less likely to bite, cold fronts don’t last very long in Miami. When the waters warm back above the 70s, the winter winds dissipate. Fish become active and willing to bite, making our sunny city an attractive fishing destination.

Miami Inshore Fishing Charters has developed this informative guide about Miami fishing in December and winter months. We will explore the common types of fish you can spot and catch and how you can take advantage of a busy winter season.

Winter Fishing Advantages

Fishing during all times of the year has its upsides. Through December, fishing in Miami has its disadvantages, glowing groups of fish are attractive and easier to catch during the winter months. In fact, winter is considered one of the best times of the year to fish in Florida!

Bait like shrimp and pilchards usually guarantee reasonable biting rates, and fish migration brings new species to calmer tides, making the fishing experience safer than with aggressive waters. It’s also common for bigger fish to make appearances, as schools of smaller fish occur less often. Hence, the chances of catching big chums are high, making it an engaging experience for thrill seekers.

Types of Fish to Catch During Winter

Winter Miami fishing is not without variety. During a chartered fishing experience, you can run into and catch any of the following fish groups:



The Florida groupers are large, bottom-dwelling fish that prefer living in crevices and caves on reef ledges. They are often considered structured-orientation fish, meaning they choose to live in predictable surroundings. They can grow to well over four feet and weigh over one hundred pounds. Though Groupers can be caught any time of the year, most experienced anglers would agree that the winter months are the best time to guarantee a Grouper bite.

barracuda fishing in miami


Barracudas are very well-known fish species. They can range in size from less than a foot to over five feet and weigh over thirty pounds. They are extremely exciting fish to catch. Barracudas are natural predators and an aggressive species that will put up a fight but make the experience worth it. Their impressive acrobatics make them prime candidates for some winter game fishing.



Sailfishes are another year-round predominant Miami fishing species, but their numbers increase vastly during the winter. Winter is Sailfish season in Florida. They are considered one of the fastest fish in the ocean, reaching speeds up to 125km/s, and can reach over five feet in length.



Kingfish can be gigantic fish, reaching over fifty pounds, and are more predominant from November through March. They are very opportunistic and tend to prey on squid and sardine-like species. Kingfish are also enjoyable to catch and have an entertaining behavior to experience during kite fishing in Miami waters.



The calmer waters are an excellent opportunity to catch some Swordfish in local waters. Though they are found year-round, Miami fishing during winter makes cold waters attractive to Swordfish, who seek colder temperatures. These humongous fish can exceed 200 pounds, making them attractive and challenging catches.



These elongated species of fish can reach up to 172 pounds. They’re usually found congregating in reefs and harbors and feeding primarily on crabs and squid. They are scavenger species, so they can generally be found following sharks and turtles. They are not afraid of boats, which makes them a very attractive catch. Cobias hand out in The Keys during winter, making them an alluring destination for this particular catch.

Book a Winter Fishing Charter!

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of sunny Florida and embark on a fishing adventure. There are many advantages of Miami fishing during the months of October through February. Exciting fish species migrate to the Keys, making for a memorable night or day charter experience. 

If you want to plan a chartered trip for some Miami fishing, Miami Inshore Fishing Charters will happily assist you. Book a fishing trip with us today or call (305) 282-3086. We look forward to hearing from you!



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