There are several species of grouper fish in Miami and South Florida. While most can be caught in offshore waters, you can also find them in the bay and inshore waters. They typically have a stout body and a big mouth. They’re not built for fast and long-distance swimming but they’re usually quite large in size. Grouper are bottom-feeding fish and vary in color and markings. However, most varieties of grouper look very similar.

The grouper fish puts up a good fight and it’s also quite delicious so catching it is an exciting adventure. These thick-bodied fish make for some of the best South Florida fishing. You can find them throughout the year in shallow and deep waters so it doesn’t matter which time of the year you’re planning on fishing for grouper. It’s easier to find them in shallow water during colder seasons.

Where to find this fish?

It’s very common to find these voracious fish around structures like shipwrecks and reefs. With Miami Inshore Fishing Charters, you can anchor up and fish in one stop. One of the main things we love about the Florida Keys is that you can find wonderful fish here. There are plenty of awesome grouper spots just a few miles from the shore. You can even catch a grouper on the way back from an eco-tour guided by Captain Alex Geneteau.

Which types will you catch?

There are dozens of different species of grouper in Florida, however, if you’re fishing in The Keys, you’ll likely find gag, red, and black grouper. You might also spot the Goliath Grouper, but it’s protected under federal law.


How to catch this fish

The biggest challenge is the black grouper which is larger than the reds. They require a lot of effort to catch. They’re quite smart and powerful who can snatch up your bait and run before you can react. If you’re ready to take on the challenge don’t hesitate to call Miami Inshore Fishing Charters!

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