Fishing in Miami with Colder Temperatures



Fishing in Miami in winter can be a fickle beast. While the rest of the country is locked into the icy grip of winter, here in Miami we are still enjoying nice warm temperatures and still wearing our shorts and sandals. Even though it never gets really cold, when it does, it can have an effect on our fishing in Miami. Here in tropical Miami, our fish are not used to cold temperatures and when it stays cool for a few days, it tends to drop our water temps enough, that the fish can get lockjaw and not eat anything.

Typically this happens when the water temps dip below 70 degrees and the colder it gets, the more lethargic the fish get. When this happens there is not much we can do except wait for the water to warm back up and get the fish back into feeding mode.

Lately we have been blasted by some cold weather along with some high winds which have made fishing in Miami a little difficult. While it was cold and windy the fishing was not very good and it was tough to get a bite some days. Luckily it does not stay cold for too long and once it finally warmed back up and the winds stopped blowing the fish came back to life. We have been using both shrimp and pilchards for bait and getting bites from all types of fish. The mutton snapper bite has picked back up with the warming weather and we have been catching some nice ones. The porgy bite and mangrove snapper bite has also been very well and if you are looking for some good fish to take home and eat, then you cannot ask for anything better. We have also been doing some fishing at night for snook and tarpon and have had some good success. This time of the year tarpon move into our area to feed on shrimp at night and it can be some exciting fishing when they are around. Like I have said before, this is a great time of the year to be fishing in Miami, so do not miss out on all of the fun and book a trip today.


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