Fishing Charter Tips for Beginners

Winter fishing in Miami-7

Winter fishing in Miami-7

If you’ve come to this page, you’ve decided to try charter fishing for the first time. Any angler will tell you that this is most likely the best way for beginners to catch a fish. However, in the realm of charter fishing, there is a particular etiquette that should be followed. Anglers might make readily avoidable mistakes that can negatively impact their vacation if they are not careful. 

We’ve compiled a list of fishing charter tips to help you get the most of your next fishing trip, regardless of where you book it. 

Set your expectations.

Planning and setting expectations with your captain are crucial to make your first charter trip a success. Charter fishing offers a wide range of options—which means that no two journeys are the same. Someone else’s first time out on the water might not look like yours. What you need to carry and what you need to pay attention to when fishing is determined by the sort of trip you choose.

You can discuss with the captain ahead of time what sort of fish you want to catch, your priorities for this fishing trip, and any other information about yourself or your group that you believe is relevant. 

Try your best to make a good impression.

If you’re going to be spending plenty of time with people in a small area, you should try to get along as much as possible. Getting along with employees at an office, family on a lengthy road trip, or a captain you’ve never met before will make everyone’s day more pleasurable. 

Before getting onto the boat, ask your captain for permission to come aboard to make sure your trip gets off to a good start. The boat is their source of income and where they spend most of their time, so it’s safe to say it’s very significant to them. Requesting permission to come on board is a great way to quickly get on the captain’s good side and show them respect. 

Be open and flexible.

It’s a good idea to share a game plan with your captain ahead of time, but it’s also crucial to keep reasonable expectations in mind. Fish aren’t just sitting around waiting for your bait. One day you can catch plenty of fish, and the next, you won’t catch any no matter how hard you try. Captains will try their best to help you catch the fish of your dreams, but maintain an open mind and remember that fishing does not always imply catching. 

Of course, catching fish is a major plus—but even if you don’t catch anything your first time out, you’ll still get to spend some time on the water with friends or family while learning something new.

Inshore fishing is ideal for beginners and parties with children.

Inshore trips are often held in calm, sheltered waters and include smaller fish. As a result, they’re popular among new anglers, particularly those with children. Nearshore trips typically take you away from the shoreline and toward underwater structures like reefs and wrecks. Fish in this area are typically delicious to eat and allow you to try out new tactics like bottom fishing. 

Get pictures and keep the fish!

When you return to the dock, you’ll most likely be exhausted from all of your outside activities. Make sure you have all of your stuff before leaving the boat. Just ask, and the captain can prepare a classic photo op with your day’s catch next to the boat. Your ship’s captain could clean and fillet your fish for you after you’re off the charter.

Leave a review to spread the word.

Charter captains rely on recurring and referral businesses to stay afloat. Few things are more important to businesses in today’s internet era than online reviews, so try to take time to write them a favorable one if you had a good time. However, nothing beats word-of-mouth recommendations, so if you find a captain that you think your fishing pals would enjoy, be sure to provide their contact information. 

Leave a tip.

If you had a great day fishing with your captain and crew and want to show them how important they were in helping you create a lasting experience, the best way to do so is to leave them a generous tip. The basic tipping guideline is similar to a restaurant—10% to 15% is common, and 20% if you believe they went above and beyond or assisted you in landing that fish on your wishlist. 

Plan your first charter trip with Captain Alex Geneteau 

Whether you’re new to chartering boats or just visiting a new place for the first time, these pointers should help you have a better time on your next fishing trip. Our fishing charters are designed to make your experience one-of-a-kind, enjoyable, and unforgettable. Miami Inshore Fishing Charters can help target various species, regardless of your age or degree of expertise.


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