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Target tarpon fish this summer in Miami

tarpon fish

Spring is coming to an end and summer is finally just around the corner. Just like the temperature, the fishing has been hot. We have been catching plenty of different kinds of fish depending on what the clients want to do. Most of our attention right now is on the migration of tarpon fish that flood into Biscayne Bay and the Miami area over the next couple months. There are plenty of tarpon fish and other species inshore. So, almost every time we have been out in the water, we have caught plenty of fish.

The tarpon is a ray-finned fish, which means it’s a bony fish. Its diet consists of mostly crustaceans and smaller fish. For this reason, this fish is a very popular catch and release. If you have never fished for or caught a tarpon fish, then it is something you definitely need to try. For most people, a tarpon and a shark are going to be the biggest fish they will have a chance of catching while fishing inshore. We fish for tarpon during the day and at night. Lately, the night fishing trips have been the best.

Target other fish!

If tarpon fishing is not what people are looking to do, then we have been having plenty of success fishing the numerous finger channels that run throughout Biscayne Bay. We have mainly been catching snappers, porgies, barracuda, jacks, and some big sharks. If rod bending action is what you are looking for and are not too particular about what you catch, or if you are looking to catch some fish you can take home and eat, then this is a good trip for you. If catching a big tarpon fish is on your bucket list, then do not miss out on the action and book your trip while they are here. Otherwise, you will have to wait until next year.

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Winter is Coming (to an end, finally)!

fishing in miami

Winter is coming to an end here in Florida. We are ready to spring into summer and so are the fish. As the waters around Miami start to warm up so does the fishing and it again becomes the perfect time to start having fishing trips in Miami. 

With water temps warming up the fish look to get one more feeding frenzy on before the water gets hot enough that it drives the bait back offshore. March and April are generally great months to fish for just about anything that swims in our local waters.

Sports Fishing for the Adventurers!

It’s an ideal time to enjoy different styles of fishing, if you’re feeling adventurous you can try some sports fishing with the wahoo fish, you can also try sailfish fishing if you’d like to push it a little further (in terms of the excitement and adrenaline), another couple of very popular sports fishing options are cobia and  snapper fish, although this generally tends to require deep-dropping in strong currents. For the sports fishermen who are really up for it (really pushing adventure to the limit) we have also been catching some nice size sharks in the same areas. Everyone wants to catch that big trophy fish in their fishing career and for most, sharks will fill that spot. They are big, pull like a frieght train, and got a mouth full of scary teeth, what more can you ask for?

Fun Miami Inshore Fishing Experience

On the other hand if you’re instead looking for a totally relaxing experience, you can always choose the option of inshore fishing in Miami. These type of trips are perfectly suited for anyone ranging from a child or first-timer to an experienced angler looking to have a fun relaxing time, you will generally be able to fish snook and trout among other species. 

Also, starting from march is when the tarpon start moving in large numbers and can be found in all the usual spots during the day and especially at night. As we move more into summer this will be one of the main focuses when it’s time to go fishing. Lately, the snapper and barracuda bite has been the hottest thing. We have been catching mangrove and mutton snapper from 5 to 10lbs, and on light tackle these fish put up a heck of a fight. Mixed in with snapper have been plenty of jacks and some nice grouper as well. If you are looking to take some fish home for dinner it doesn’t get any better then some fresh snapper. 

We’ve covered most of what to expect within the next few months so do not miss out on all the fun and book your trip today!

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Fishing in Miami with Colder Temperatures

Fishing in Miami in winter can be a fickle beast. While the rest of the country is locked into the icy grip of winter, here in Miami we are still enjoying nice warm temperatures and still wearing our shorts and sandals. Even though it never gets really cold, when it does, it can have an effect on our fishing in Miami. Here in tropical Miami, our fish are not used to cold temperatures and when it stays cool for a few days, it tends to drop our water temps enough, that the fish can get lockjaw and not eat anything.

Typically this happens when the water temps dip below 70 degrees and the colder it gets, the more lethargic the fish get. When this happens there is not much we can do except wait for the water to warm back up and get the fish back into feeding mode.

Lately we have been blasted by some cold weather along with some high winds which have made fishing in Miami a little difficult. While it was cold and windy the fishing was not very good and it was tough to get a bite some days. Luckily it does not stay cold for too long and once it finally warmed back up and the winds stopped blowing the fish came back to life. We have been using both shrimp and pilchards for bait and getting bites from all types of fish. The mutton snapper bite has picked back up with the warming weather and we have been catching some nice ones. The porgy bite and mangrove snapper bite has also been very well and if you are looking for some good fish to take home and eat, then you cannot ask for anything better. We have also been doing some fishing at night for snook and tarpon and have had some good success. This time of the year tarpon move into our area to feed on shrimp at night and it can be some exciting fishing when they are around. Like I have said before, this is a great time of the year to be fishing in Miami, so do not miss out on all of the fun and book a trip today.

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Miami Fishing Charters

Are you tired of the routine? Would you like to engage in a fun outdoors activity with your friends and family? Take a break from the city and connect with nature with a party of your choice. If you’re in Miami, you can book a fishing charter, and enjoy one of the world’s most famous outdoor recreational activity. Reduce stress and engage in fun physical activity. With the countless species of fish found in South Florida, you have great fishing opportunities all year round. Whether you’re an experienced angler or you’ve never fished before, you can get the experience of a lifetime if you look for the right Miami fishing charters. Here are some tips on how to pick the right fishing charter for your next fishing trip.

1.    Know the type of fish you want to target

South Florida is home to over 70 species of saltwater fish, and each is unique in their own way. Knowing exactly which fish you’d like to target has an influence on where exactly you’ll be fishing. There are options to go fishing in daytime or nighttime. Biscayne Bay, Flamingo, and Ten Thousand Islands are excellent spots to fish, there you can find Tarpon, Snook, Snapper, Jacks, Bonefish, Barracuda, Sea Trout, Redfish, and several other fishes. It’s also important to know their catch-and-release policy or who gets to take the fish home, this way you ensure you’re in the same page.

2.    Make sure they have the necessary equipment

If you’re not a seasoned angler and don’t have any fishing equipment, make sure you book a charter that has everything you need to have this fun experience. Look for a charter that has all the gear you’re going to need, quality rods and reels, artificial and live bait, and tackle. Make certain they have life jackets too. As well as important extras that tend to be overlooked like sunblock, bug spray, and ponchos in case of rain. Miami Inshore Fishing Charters also provides high resolution pictures of your trip, to ensure you make this memorable time last a lifetime.

3.    Ask if they are licensed and insured

This is one of the most important aspects to consider when booking Miami fishing charters. Staying licensed and insured is an investment many business owners avoid to save money for themselves. Make sure you look for a boat that is fully covered. This way you know you will be booking with a captain that cares about your experience, your satisfaction, and most importantly your safety. Don’t be afraid to ask for fishing licenses, park permits and insured charters.

4.    Look for a great captain.

This is the most important feature to consider when booking a charter. You need a captain that is very knowledgeable, has a passion for fishing, is patient, and is experienced. With experience, a good captain acquires particular strategies and methods for fishing the species you want to target. Make sure the captain has all the necessary permits to fish in national park waters. Customer service is a must, if the captain pays attention to details, understands your needs and your pace, and takes their time to address any inquiry, you know you’ve found the right captain. Finally, they need to be certified in CPR and First Aid.Look no further, Miami Inshore Fishing Charters with Captain Alex Geneteau has everything necessary to make your fishing trip a memorable experience. Call us today and book a trip!

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Winter fishing in Miami

One of the best parts about living in Miami besides the fishing is the weather. This time of the year is why most people want to be in Florida and why I have not left. With frigid temperatures to the north we are sitting pretty here in Miami with our shorts and sandals on almost every day of the year. Along with the great weather we have here in Miami during the winter the fishing this time of the year is just as good. This time of the year is when we get our bait schools migrating through and with them comes the fish. During this time of the year we have very big schools of Mullet and Pilchards moving through and just about everything that swims is trying to eat them. From Tarpon, to sharks, to snappers, everything is trying to get an easy meal when the bait schools are moving through and this year has been no different.

So far everything has been as it should be and the fishing has been great. A typical day starts with catching bait in the morning and then finding some hungry fish to feed them to. Lately that has not been a problem. The bait has been everywhere and the fish are just waiting for us to offer them an easy meal. Lately the Mutton Snapper bite has been the best with fish being caught in the 5 to 10 pound range. We have also been catching some nice Mangrove Snapper in the 2 to 5 pound range. 2 to 5 pounds might sound like a small fish but the local record for Mangrove snapper is 8 pounds, and on light tackle these guys put up a heck of a fight. We have also been catching some nice Yellow jacks and Barracudas as well. The biggest problem we have had lately is the Sharks, they are everywhere and eating everything. Some days they are eating everything we hook before we can get it the boat. They have been primarily Bull sharks and Black tip spinner sharks in the 4 to 10 foot range. For the customers that are feeling up to the challenge of playing tug of war the sharks are willing and waiting for you. Well like I said before, the weather and fishing in Miami is great right now so do not miss out on all of the fun and BOOK YOUR TRIP TODAY!!!!

Capt. Alex Geneteau