Barracudas are ray-finned predatory fish known for being fierce and intimidating looking. With big and sharp teeth, they’re quite unpredictable making them ideal for sport fishing. They’re commonly found in tropical and subtropical waters so you can catch the barracuda in South Florida. If you’re looking for a fun fishing time in Key Biscayne, you’re in the right place.

Catch this ferocious predator with Miami Inshore Fishing Charters. Our goal is to give our clients a memorable fishing experience without having to worry about bringing the equipment and supplies so they can focus on having a good time. Our experienced and knowledgeable Captain loves fishing and will make sure all your questions are answered.

Barracuda Fishing Charters – South Florida

The excitement you get from catching this unpredictable fish is well worth the entire experience. Live bait that comes across the barracuda won’t last long. They’re fierce predators that surprise its prey with great speed (up to 27 mph). They have a sleek, snake-like body that makes them hard to see, especially from the front, for unsuspecting prey. Furthermore, they have great eyesight, as they can easily identify different colors, reflections, and movements, making them skilled predators.

If you’re in Key Biscayne, make sure you to go barracuda fishing in miami. This game fish is fickle and ferocious, known for putting a good fight. It’s possible to see them on the shallow flats of the bay, giving you the opportunity to catch them with one of our fishing charters. It’s uncommon to have a trip where you specifically target the Barracuda, but when targeting other fish in South Florida, you’ll certainly come across this predator

barracuda fishing in miami

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