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They are lean, they are mean, and shockingly fast. The Barracuda is a thrilling game to catch in the clear waters of Miami, Florida. Miami already holds a reputation for providing exciting fishing experiences, but if you’re planning on dipping your toes on the adrenaline-fueled activity that is catching these combative species, Miami Inshore Fishing’s Barracuda fishing charters are the best guide for fishing in the area. Our Captain Alex Geneteau has decades of experience navigating and fishing in our local waters and has extensive knowledge in big game fishing and challenging catches like the Barracuda. They are memorable species found year-round in Biscayne Bay and the entire coast of Florida!

Take advantage of the convenience of fishing for Barracuda in Miami with our fishing charters. Learn more about fishing with us below.

Barracuda Fishing Charter Booking Details

Booking a Barracuda fishing charter with us is simple! Call (305) 282-3086 and ask for the nearest available date or let us know when you want to partake on a fishing trip. We recommend our day-fishing experience to catch Barracudas at peak hours, but you can check out our rates below:

  • 4 hours: $650
  • 6 hours: $780
  • 8 hours: $950

About Barracuda Fishing

The Great Barracuda is an impressive fish in both size and behavior. It’s native to Trinidad and Tobago but it can be found in the warmer, subtropical areas of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Ocean as well as the Caribbean and Red Sea. That means Miami is a great spot to fish for Barracuda! But more than that, they are outstanding catches because of their characteristics.

  • They can weigh up to 40kg and reach up to 2 meters.
  • They have razor sharp teeth and their fins allow them to swim to speeds of 40mph to catch their prey.
  • They are found in reeds, mangroves, inshore seagrass beds, and harbors, but typically like to hang out in shallower waters.
  • They are very active during the day and feed more often 2 hours before sunset and 2 hours after.
  • They are very aggressive but are both scavengers (meaning they wait for opportunistic leftovers from bigger fish like sharks) and ambush predators (they patiently wait for smaller prey before using their speed to catch them).
  • They are carnivores and regularly feed on other species like octopus, shrimp, squid, crustaceans, and grunts.
  • Some female Barracuda have been reported to live up to 18 years.
  • They breed between April and September but are game-fish year round. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has open-season year round.

Barracuda fishing is ideal in the Biscayne Bay area of Miami. It offers shallow sections and deep waters where you can find plenty of this species to take home. However, you must keep local Florida fishing regulations in mind when partaking in this thrilling activity.

More details below.

Barracuda Fishing Regulations in Florida

Barracuda fishing regulations apply to five counties in Florida: Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, Coolier, Monroe, and Martin County. These regulations must be followed by our charters and are strongly encouraged in our activities. The Florida Recreational Saltwater Fishing Regulations state:

  • Minimum size: 15”
  • Maximum size: 36”
  • Only 2 Barracuda per person or 6 per vessel are allowed
  • 1 Barracuda bigger than 36” is allowed per vessel.

Find more fishing regulations by following this link.


Why Choose Miami Inshore Fishing?

We have served the Miami area for decades. Our crew and our Captain have extensive knowledge of our Miami waters, therefore, fishing with us is not only a recreational activity, but a learning experience. We have over 50+ five-star reviews, but hundreds of satisfied customers. We make sure our experiences are fit for both experienced anglers and novices and our location off Biscayne Bay makes us the perfect choice for any Barracuda fishing in the area.

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Fishing Tips and Techniques to Catch Barracuda

Fishing for Barracuda in Miami is challenging in itself. To ensure high chances of catching this aggressive fish, it’s essential to have the right gear. Here are some tips from our pros if you want to get ahead of the game and buy the equipment yourself, although Miami Inshore Fishing Charters will provide everything you need to have a successful day catching these stellar species in Biscayne Bay!

Gear Characteristics
Rods Medium-heavy or heavy spinning or casting rod. 6-7ft long.
Reels Trolling or spinning reels with a smooth drag system.
Lines Monofilament or braided with strength of at least 30lbs.
Hooks Treble hook, circle hooks, or inline hooks. 3/0-9/0 size range. 
Wire Leaders Thin wire leader.
Bait Live bait like shrimp, mullets, or pichards. 
Lures Shiny and fast moving lures like the Eel lures, Tube lures, Gotcha Lures.

These fish are aggressive, so safety is essential when fishing for Barracuda. They have sharp teeth that can easily cut through your fishing line and are sensitive to noise and movement, so any sudden boat maneuver. Once caught, take safety precautions and stay away from their teeth! Catch and release is encouraged for conservation purposes.

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