An Angler’s Guide to Miami Fishing



Miami’s waters are filled with inshore and offshore creatures that make for a tasty dinner or the perfect mount, thanks to the rich biodiversity supported by mangroves, coral reefs, and a warm, fast-moving current. If you’re a novice angler or your summer revolves around it, there are plenty of chances to catch a wide variety of fish in Miami.

The city’s diverse community and thrilling nightlife sometimes overshadow Miami fishing. This cosmopolitan city has plenty to offer to its visitors, which is why it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. Many who have experienced firsthand the fishing scene realize that it is a fisherman’s paradise.

Inshore or Offshore, There’s Plenty to Catch

The fishing options in Miami are primarily between deep-sea and flats fishing, depending on the kind of experience you choose to get. A deep-sea trip usually entails venturing into the Ocean in search of large fish that are in the Gulf Stream, while flat fishing takes place in the shallow waters of Biscayne or Florida Bay. Deep-sea fishing entails dragging the line to great depths, while fly fishing on the flats is more common.

If you want to remain closer to the beach, the Biscayne Bay is just a short boat ride away and is overflowing with fish. Night fishing trips are very common, as they allow you to target hungry Tarpon while only having the city lights to lead you through the night.

So Many Fish!


Tarpons are the uncontested rulers of Miami’s shallow waters, as they are unpredictable and challenging to capture. Miami is the ideal location to put your fishing talents to the test if you’re up for a challenge. From May to July, Tarpon will be mostly found in the shallows of Biscayne Bay. The key is to know where to look for them. 


The stars of Miami’s deep-sea fishing are sailfish. With their massive mohawk sail and pulsating color changes, sailfish are just as exciting as fish come. When you hook one, it will try to throw the hook by jumping, spinning, and “walking” around the water’s surface. Furthermore, they are the fastest fish in the Ocean.


In Miami, the seafloor is littered with hundreds of reefs and wrecks. Each one is teeming with big, tasty bottom fish. Local anglers often pursue Red, Black, and Gag Grouper. Rarer Groupers, such as Snowies and Scamps, can be found in deeper waters.

Peacock Bass:

Saltwater fishing isn’t the only thing to do in Miami. The  Peacock Bass can also be seen in the city’s canals. Peacocks were first brought to the United States from South America to tackle the native Tilapia fish. They’ve earned complete game fish status and have become a firm favorite of Floridians. It’s easy to understand why. Peacock Bass are brightly colored, aggressive, and fierce fighters.


Anglers from South Florida became the forerunners of modern Swordfishing. They were among the first to develop daytime swordfishing, and they discovered many of the techniques that we now consider commonplace. Swordfish are the ideal catch of Miami’s most daring anglers these days. 


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