Fish Inshore, You Never Have to Worry About Getting Sea Sick

Yellow Jack caught on a windy day in Miami

Was on the water yesterday with a group from Michigan who were in town for Christmas vacation. We met at Black Point Marina around 8am and were greeted by sunny skies and a steady 15-20 mph breeze out of the south east. Surprisingly the water was not to rough and we managed to cross Biscayne bay with no problem at all. First stop was to catch some bait. The water was a lil bit murky which made it tough to find bait but we managed to find a large school and with a couple throws of the net we had more then we needed for the day. After catching the bait we made a short run to our fishing spot and got set up to fish. After throwing a few handfuls of bait into the water the fish showed up and never left. We were getting bites on every bait that hit the water. We caught plenty of Barracudas, some small grouper, hooked two sharks that broke off by the boat, and a few Yellow jacks. All in a half day of fishing. Needless to say by the end of the trip everyone was tired and happy. Don’t let the winds scare you, when you fish inshore you never have to worry about getting sea sick and you can catch plenty of fish. Take advantage while the bite is good and BOOK YOUR TRIP TODAY!!!!!